whats new spring summer

Grecas with a multitude of drawings and colors, trimmings with natural materials, gallons and fringes with raffia thread for a note of style and color.

What's new Spring Summer
We present our latest news for the Spring-Summer season:

- Development of several models of frets, with rayon drawings, ethnic, geometric, with a multitude of colors, always combined with the raw cotton base typical of the naturalness of the spring and summer season in recent years. Its uses are very diverse, from handles for bags or backpacks, to belts, or even to carry your smartphone.

- Expansion of the range of natural products in its collection of trimmings, fringes, galloons, cords, ... mainly using raw materials such as recycled cotton, jute and linen.

- New collection of thread, braid and fringes with raffia material, very current to adorn all kinds of beach accessories, be they bags, hats, etc. Raffia thread allows you to create original and outstanding personalized drawings on beach bags.